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"My Homepage" is a personal, secure, online account for homeowners/homebuyers. Track photos of the construction process, view the construction schedule, view and approve change orders and selections, as well as access important documents. From online warranty claims, to the online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team 24/7, no matter if you are at home, work or even on vacation!

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Who We Are

Cascade Builder Services is a third party, new construction, warranty management company. We administer the builder's one-year limited warranty after closing, conduct new home orientations and provide quality assurance inspections for home builders and developers (more details here). With over 10 years experience in the industry, we ensure exceptional customer service using innovative procedures and technology. Our commitment, dedication and knowledge provide unrivaled value to everyone involved: Builders, Developers, Homeowners and Trade Contractors.

We've helped builders of all shapes and sizes reduce operational costs while increasing customer satisfaction levels. Our team of customer service specialists will dedicate their skills to do the same for your company. Contact us now to streamline your processes and start saving:

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Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfaction
Studies, surveys, industry leaders and consultants all agree: customer satisfaction matters.
We've managed projects of many sizes over many years for builders of all types. We're customer service specialists.
Single Source Contact
Reduce confusion and increase efficiency by providing your homeowners with a single source contact throughout the warranty term.
Third Party
Increase homeowner trust by having a third party evaluate and mitigate warranty claims.
Reduce Operational Costs
Define your warranty budget with a small, one-time fee.